5 Tips to Maintain the Pristine Finish of Quartz Countertops!

There is no doubt that quartz countertops look stunning in a kitchen and enhance the overall appeal. However, it is somehow tricky to maintain the overall finish of the quartz countertops. Most of the time, households ask queries that how can they maintain a smooth and shiny finish of the countertop. Here, we are going to discuss some mandatory yet useful tips for the seamless appeal of the countertops so make sure that you follow these tips exactly as mentioned in the blog:

  • Do not Cut Lemons on the Countertop!

You may be sick of the white stubborn marks on the countertops. Do you know how these white marks appear on the surface of the quartz? We usually do not bother to get the cutting board while being in a hurry. When the lemon drops touch the surface of the quartz, they leave a white mark and affect the pristine finish too. The citrus in the lemon is basically not good for the health of quartz.

  • Do Not Use Abrasive Cleaners!

The warranty on quartz may get void if you choose to use abrasive cleaners. Quartz is basically a natural stone and it requires special care. Quartz fabrication is basically the reason that allows having the smoothest surface of the stone and that is why; it serves the purpose of shelves in the kitchen. So, one should try to avoid the usage of abrasive cleaners.

  • Clean the Countertop with a Soft Cloth!

The countertop requires cleaning on a daily basis however households should not use scotch or hard brush for cleaning the stuff. It is better to take a separate soft wet cloth and you’ll be all set to clean the countertop. However, in the case of stubborn stains, you can use soapy water. The sponge would be good enough to soak into the soapy water and this is how cleaning will become an easier task for you.

  • High PH Level is not good for Quartz!

According to the seamless quartz fabrication, it has been concluded that it doesn’t respond to high PH levels. The cleaners that are commonly used for cleaning the floor should not be applied on a quartz countertop. The high alkaline content and citric acid are two main ingredients that are usually added in the cleaners, so it is better to avoid them. However, the best way is to buy quartz from Multi-Lab, which is one of the renowned companies in the town.