Top 5 Interesting facts that you people need to know for Quartz Countertops

How many of you people have Quartz countertops in your home? We always want to have a slight change in our kitchens and for those who have been considering different countertops, they need to try Quartz countertops. These types of countertops are engineered with Quartz fabrication or stones. Let’s have a look at some interesting facts that we need to know for Quartz countertops

Not DIY Friendly

Let me tell you Quartz countertops aren’t DIY Friendly because majority companies only deal with certified installers and they will be handled by them easily. Quartz Countertops require wet saw with diamond blade which is not for DIYers.

Most Popular than Granite

From many years’ granite was the people first choice and it was believed nothing could replace but now Quartz countertops have been replaced with granite. People are heading over for Quartz that has surpassed granite. You people won’t believe how much this is ideal for kitchen these days.

Much Stronger

These types of countertops are much stronger because of durability. Let me add one thing here you won’t find 100 percent stronger option these days. Like other countertops, edges are vulnerable around sinks because of placing heavy pots.

Available in different sizes

Quartz countertops are available in multiple sizes. You can go for the average & jumbo size of countertops as per your desire. Various other options are available in the market where it is difficult to find an immense range of sizes.

Aesthetic finishing

You won’t find a massive range of finishing anywhere else than Quartz, but these countertops give aesthetic view to your kitchen. From softer to less glossy appearance can give your place a textured look to provide a pleasant feel than concrete, granite, and other types.

Don’t Set Hot Pans

Quartz countertops are extremely durable with heat resistant features. Placing hot pan right over the surface will damage the material. Keep it over the trivet to protect the surface. The heat will become the reason for discoloration or cracks.

These things are essential for everyone to know about their Quartz countertops. Have you people decided to renovate your kitchen with awe-inspiring countertops design then bring Quartz countertops to enhance the look and feel. Latest versions are definitely going to increase the appeal because of the textured and glossy appearance of your kitchen.